Our backlighting systems are synonymous with extremely refined effects and luxury designs.

A backlit translucent or frosted surface can embellish interiors and offer an exclusive and elegant source of inspiration for interior design solutions.

A backlighting system consists of a light source placed at the back of a material to highlight its translucency and obtain surprising and elegant results.

Backlighting can be applied on multiple materials, such as marble, onyx, alabaster, wood, glass and any other translucent or frosted material, and is available from All-Led in the following options:

– custom backlight panels in methacrylate optical fibre with laser markings;

– modular LED backlight plates with a matrix sized 10×10 cm;

– heat-dissipation aluminium sheets for backlighting fitted with LED strip modules.

Through its gained know-how and experience in backlighting system techniques and materials suited for backlighting, All-Led has achieved the highest quality level in its offered solutions.

In our custom backlighting system designs, individual project requirements and the intrinsic characteristics of the material to be backlit are carefully considered.

Results are out of the ordinary and luminaires resemble jewels radiating light to make any environment lavish and highlight walls as unique design elements of exclusive room interiors.



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