Malls, shopping centres and individual shops need different lighting solutions depending on their customers and products on display. Light should entertain, trigger emotions, convey brand identity and communicate messages in a flexible and efficient manner.

Light should be able to communicate the corporate mission, guide customers and draw their attention to goods and shelves.

Any architectural lighting solution should convey a feeling of wellbeing reached through a consistently high degree of colour rendition, an ideal colour temperature, a balanced spectral distribution, and a flexible control and switching system.

Among All-Led’s applications in the commercial lighting area is the furniture segment, which relies heavily on the Italian cabinet-making tradition. The well-engineered and accurate installation of lighting elements in pieces of furniture does not only meet usefulness and functionality criteria but also adds to them a powerful aesthetic value.

What is more, combining the general lighting of a room with the localised lights of furnishing elements contributes to better define the lighting concept of spaces.

All-Led’s custom LED strips and bars are certified and easy to install, and expressly made to embellish furnishing elements fully manufactured in Italy.

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