In restaurant spaces, the combination of diffused lighting – to set the scene and feel for an entire room – with spotlights on the tables and menus is indispensable for a lighting project in this application area. Essential requirements to be met include the use of quality spotlights on tables, the need to make people sitting around the table perfectly visible, and an appropriate general lighting system.

Light scenarios can be defined according to the various types of customers by installing a general and diffused lighting system without creating light contrasts between table tops and transit areas, or, alternatively, light contrasts can be created with variables including both the choice of areas to be lit (e.g. tabletops) and light intensity.

Walking through the hotel spaces – from the outside through the lobby to corridors, from a bedroom to a meeting room, or from the bar & restaurant area to the wellness area – light can be used as a ‘stage design’ element to enrich the guests’ experience.

A lighting project can be defined through balanced light variations and contrasts between rooms, e.g. an inviting and comfy atmosphere in the lobby, a flexible and user-friendly solution in rooms, an original eye-catching solution in the restaurant area, a dynamic or relaxing environment in the wellness area, and a functional and regulatory compliant solution in corridors and service areas.

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