Private Residential Property – Desenzano d/G (BS)

Private Residential Property – Desenzano d/G (BS)

All-led received this lighting design assignment from a private customer. The project’s goal was to characterise the living spaces of the customer’s residential property.

The suspended ceiling was structured in such a way as to functionally divide the open space of the property into a number of sub-spaces, and a choice had to be made between hidden or concealed, linear or spot luminaires, depending on which best suited the individual sub-space.

For the entrance, we opted for a flood-lighting solution by a concealed linear light source.

For the dining room, spot lights were positioned on the dining table, and the lighting level was accurately assessed to achieve visual comfort.

A wall-grazing solution was found suitable for a wall-with decorative panels, so as to enhance their ornamental function.

Adjustable light sources were installed in the sofa area to provide the necessary light for reading or conversation.

A linear luminaire was preferred for the TV area to provide soft, indirect lighting.

As regards light control, dimmer switches were installed for users to adjust light as desired.

The overall visual result is a rich combination of lighting effects that made the living spaces unique and special.

All-led thanks the customer for consenting to the publication of this case report.


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