A lighting design assignment was received from the Soave branch of the National Target Shooting Club. The choice to commission a lighting project from All-led was driven by the need for a functional, efficient, sustainable and leading-edge lighting system suited to the full-day practice of this sport, including at nighttime with the use of artificial light.

The preliminary feasibility assessment of the project identified two aspects that influenced the design phase, i.e. a non-exhaustive sectoral legislation, and the need to include the shooters’ subjective perception of lighting in the assessment. The company’s multidisciplinary know-how, experience and professionalism helped overcome those issues and identify a perfect lighting solution. For the areas included in the project, firing line, general area and target area, all of which have different structural and functional characteristics and different lighting requirements, the positions, types, light fluxes and optics of luminaires had to be carefully chosen. A like degree of accuracy was required for the choice of light colour temperature. Finally, special focus was put on software simulations: quantities were measured to check compliance with the numeric parameters specified in the design documentation, whereas an additional qualitative assessment was intended to judge the project’s overall atmosphere and aesthetics. The project scope also included a fully adjustable light control and management system consisting of dimmers and daylight sensors for each area to have the most appropriate lighting conditions.

Following the completion of the project, All-led started a follow-up phase by collecting feedback from shooters, which was invariably positive and enthusiastic.


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